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Pennsylvania MGMA is the professional association for individuals who hold administrative positions within a medical practice and/or provide support services to those who do. We are designed for staff with various levels of expertise in medical practice management which include: physicians, COO.CEO of private medical groups, practice directors and managers, business managers and billing managers and supervisors.

Our members represent private and academic practices, ambulatory surgical and community health centers, health care delivery systems, and management services organizations from across the state.

Our membership year is a rolling 12-months. Membership in Pennsylvania MGMA is individual not organizational. As such, membership is not transferable.

The membership fee includes waived registration to our monthly programs, Webinars and forums. The only program to which members must pay to attend is the State Conference.



I joined Pennsylvania MGMA almost 25 years ago when I was at the beginning of my practice management career.  I joined for the quality of the education and the opportunity to network with other practice administrators.  Over the years, I have had the good fortune of working with and being mentored by many talented people I have met through Pennsylvania MGMA.  My membership has had a positive impact and helped my career be more successful.   When I was asked to join the Board of Directors of Pennsylvania MGMA, I didn’t hesitate to volunteer to give back.

James M. Foley, MS, CMPE
Executive Director
Eastern Pennsylvania Imaging Consultants, PC


Organizational Membership

Join as a Team! An organizational membership with Pennsylvania MGMA will provide multiple members of your staff with all the benefits of Pennsylvania MGMA membership – localized education, networking, career resources and more - all for one convenient flat fee.We’ve put together two organizational membership options based on your organization’s needs:
Discounted Organizational Membership

  • This is a great opportunity to save money for your organization if you have multiple individuals that want to join Pennsylvania MGMA
  • The discount model is based on tiers of five member increments and a maximum discount of 30% off the cost of membership.

Premium Organizational Membership

  • Unlike the discounted organizational membership, the premium offering exceeds the benefits provided to individual members.
  • The organization has the ability to transfer membership between individuals within the company and the ability to substitute individuals at educational programs.*
    *Premium benefit excludes registration at annual State Conference

 If you know that your medical practice would be interested in either of these organizational membership options, please download the following agreements based on which option you would like to pursue, and please contact Leland Strott at

Organizational Premium Membership Agreement | Organizational Discounted Membership Agreement


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